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We grow a large collection of peonies, seasonal flowers and ornamental greens, covering about three acres in Killingworth, CT. . We have  30 varieties peonies growing on our farm.

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We are passionate about peonies!.​


Our farm prioritize quality by allowing our peony plants to mature to an average of 3-5 years before the first commercial stem is ever harvested. Ordering directly from our farm or The Connecticut Flower Collective  assures your flowers go through fewer hands and arrive in peak condition, shortly after being cut from our fields.

We believe in taking care of the land and our environment; sustainability is a priority. Peony farming is hard work with a satisfying result. We take pride in delivering CT peonies, hand-selected from our farm to your door.

Our Process

We grow edible and medicinal mushrooms, assorted garden vegetables  and flowers. Our  mushrooms are forest grown cultivated with organic spore on wood chips and logs cut on our property. 

Method's used are traditional Japanese small-scale forest mushroom cultivation. 

Mushrooms are available May -October.

Mushroom Cultivation 



Mushrooms are grown on inoculated logs out doors and  in a controlled environment, typically in a dark and humid space.  The growing medium for mushrooms can vary, but common options include sawdust, straw or soil compost. The process of growing mushrooms involves inoculating the growing medium with mushroom spores, which will eventually develop into fruiting bodies or mushrooms


Farmers Markets and CSA Partnerships


Our products can be purchased at The Chester Sunday Market, Sundays, 10a-1p June 16-Oct. 13, 2024 and The Farmers Market at Tiffany Farm, Saturdays, 9a-12:30p, May 25-Oct 12,. 2024

We are also proud 2024 CSA vendors for B.W. Bishops and Sons, Inc. and Farmers Joe's Gardens.

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